Our tribute to Finland’s national cocktail, made with natural flavors and wild Juniper berries.

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Good Question. Long Drink is a Finnish cocktail that traditionally consists of gin, grapefruit soda and tonic. First created when the Finnish government wanted a special drink to serve guests attending the 1952 Summer Olympics in Helsinki, this citrus cocktail was the perfect solution.

Our Bevy Long Drink is a refreshing, new take on this Nordic classic. The hard sparkling refresher is a cocktail-inspired malt beverage made with a delicious blend of citrus flavors and wild juniper berries. The best part? You don’t have to fly to Finland.


Hard Citrus Refresher

Blends bright, fresh citrus zing with the sweet, mild spice of wild juniper berries. Crisp, smooth, and endlessly refreshing, it tastes the way waking up on your birthday feels: Very, very good.

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Hard Berry Refresher

Adds some serious juice without sacrificing refreshment. Berry flavor is mixed with wild juniper berries to create a flavorful and fruity concoction. Like riding a waterslide, it goes down smooth and keeps you running back for more.

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Hard Lemon-Lime Refresher

LEMON LIME packs a one-two punch of tangy lime and tart lemon for a drink that’s slightly sweet, delightfully bright, and shockingly crushable. Don’t forget to share.

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